People may try to avoid anger by avoiding situations or someone who gets angry too quickly

Frequent tantrums are a psychological disorder that should be treated by professionals, not the average person.
It can be treated through a visit to a psychologist, who may use relaxation techniques, behavioral therapy and support groups, where a group of people meets in a specific place that is agreed upon in advance with coordination with the specialist.
They discuss their problem, and it is possible to learn anger management exercises at home, which also rely mainly on behavioral theory.
The specialist can also help in regulating human behavior, as he tries to arrange his thoughts and address disturbing thoughts that are essentially illogical through cognitive theory.
And it is possible that the presence of some disorders in a person as a catalyst in the occurrence of anger attacks such as depression and hyperactivity, and it is possible in the absence of the appropriate specialist for treatment in an area that some courses are taken via the Internet remotely.

The effect of anger on the psyche

It is very important to learn how to absorb the anger of others, but it is also important to know the effect of anger on the human psyche and human behavior, it is possible that a person who experiences anger attacks suffer from the physical effects such as blood pressure, heart disease and increased levels of adrenaline.
Likewise, repeated outbursts of anger may lead to the development of a person’s aggressive behavior towards others, and cause anger to lose the ability to make decisions or see situations as they are and objectively.
This is why psychologists point out that people who get angry a lot often direct mistakes to others and overlook the real causes of the situation that led to it, as the individual loses the ability to self-control his nerves and his behavior.
But on the other hand, modern scholars agree that suppressing anger has dangerous side effects that lead to suppression, resulting in harmful behaviors of the individual and society.

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