Definition of terrorism

Extremist parties follow a coercive method against individuals within society, and there is no doubt that terrorism has no goal, no religion, and it is not related to humanity and violates all religions and laws, and there are no common goals between extremist parties. What is meant by terrorism in the linguistic sense is Fear, fear and panic, as the criminal law defined terrorism as any act or act that inflicts violence on individuals and robs them of the blessings of security and safety from social life in a country, as it creates an atmosphere of tension and fear, and its primary goal is a political goal and offending a certain religious sect. Sometimes the target is ideological, and it harms the lives and facilities of individuals, and acts of violence are considered unlawful war violations. These terrorist groups impose their own laws that are criminal and follow similar tactics.

The war on terror

Some countries have resorted to a war on terrorism to eliminate and get rid of it, through military and economic campaigns and even some media campaigns, and the main goal of this war was to get rid of the threat of terrorism on civilians, and the countries that support and finance terrorism.

Terror damages

1- Loss of human lives without sin.
2- Spreading fear and terror in the hearts of the believers.
3- Wasting money and destroying property.
4- The spread of chaos in the country.
5- Sectarian discrimination.
6- Hurt, harshness and loose ends.
7- Disobedience and rebellion against the ruler.

Ways to combat terrorism

1- Teaching sound religious concepts from the Noble Qur’an and the Noble Prophet’s Sunnah, and strengthening them in the human soul.
2- Attention to the teachings of the concepts of moderation and moderation.
3- A sound education of generations.
4- Obtaining fatwas from people of religion.
5- Encouraging dialogue and communication.
6- Spreading awareness through the media.


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