Types of employees

Types of employees

The most important thing that may create successes in work environments is the presence of distinguished and generous employees, and the presence of such people depends

On the skill of recruiters in bringing and selecting the right people to fill their vacancies, on dealing with them correctly and working to motivate employees.

Some of the characteristics of the best employees are mentioned below

Suitable for their job position: such as fully possessing the necessary skills at work, they are also distinguished by their intelligence, positive attitudes and courage with their knowledge of the limits of their tasks without exceeding them, in addition to their enjoyment of effective communication skills and their respect for other employees, managers and officials.
Suitable for the company: The interests and goals of the company or institution are consistent with their interests and goals, and they are able to work within their team skillfully, and most of all, their honesty and sincerity in the work and their preservation of its confidentiality.

The worst kind of employees

As for the worst types of employees, they are the last ones that companies wish to contain, because they cause delays in production and the spread of negativity and abuse of others, and their presence may be due to the wrong choice of recruiters or their qualities as reactions due to the company’s policy, while some of their qualities come
The employee evading responsibilities: they do not complete the tasks required of them, and they cause delays to others.
The talkative employee: they are talkative, and equally ineffective, filling the place with speculation and criticism, and they do not do what is appropriate with that.
The employee is dishonest: they are not trustees of work secrets or the secrets of other employees, so they do not believe in their side and everyone seeks to avoid them.
An employee who steals opportunities: They are always ready to seize opportunities no matter what, even if it takes to steal the ideas of their colleagues or to overthrow them.
The negative employee and the frequent complainant: Once they are placed in a situation that requires diligence and work, they spread negativity in those around them.
The cunning and multi-faceted employee: Their interests are above all ethical considerations. They may show friendliness to their colleagues while they convey news, mistakes, and lapses to their officials.
The bullying employee: Some employees pretend to be humorous by mocking their colleagues, especially the peaceful ones, and causing them psychological harm.
Anarchist employee: Chaos and lack of organization in common workplaces are among the worst types of employees, because this initially increases the time required to complete tasks, and clutter reduces employee focus.


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