Procedures of security and guard companies in securing important facilities

Procedures of security and guard companies in securing important facilities

The security and guarding of facilities process is a multi-stage and multi-faceted process, the stages of which differ according to the nature of the facility to be insured
And their location, size, external and internal design, and so on. Below we list some of the most important fixed procedures used in securing important facilities

Technical survey

Technical survey is a process of careful inspection of every corner of the facility to be secured, looking at its interior designs, knowing the heights of its external walls and knowing all its entrances, exits and corridors. .
Learn about potential risks
Classifying and studying them The types of risks that the establishment may be exposed to differ according to its type, function and nature of its visitors. Financial institutions, for example, may be exposed to the risk of burglary and therefore must be insured against this risk in the first place.


Planning is a complex process that depends on the two aforementioned phases and affects the following phases. In planning, the number of cameras required for monitoring is determined, planting points, and security personnel distribution points, and so on.

Alternative layout

It is a complementary stage to the previous stage, in which alternative plans are developed to deal in emergency situations or when there is any defect or problem that hinders the continuation of the implementation of the basic plan.
Providing the facility with equipment and devices

This stage is considered the first stage of implementation, as the facility is provided with cameras, gates, and the rest of the devices and equipment necessary for the insurance process, in the places previously identified in the planning stage.

Distribution of tasks
After that, individuals must choose the appropriate insurance personnel for the various tasks and tasks are distributed to them according to their capabilities and experiences.


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