Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts

What are negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are like a deep pit into which the individual falls and cannot see the path to success, and negative thoughts not only make a person not see the bright path, but also make him take the dark path and clash with everything that hurts him and makes him feel lost, failure, pain and anger, and negative thoughts are more dangerous than he imagines. A person because of their strong impact on physical and mental health, and by answering the question of what negative thoughts are, they are defined as thinking about the negatives that occurred in the past and what worries and frightens the individual about the future and living the present with negative feelings and negative beliefs that make his life a series of challenges and problems, and the strange thing. The individual who thinks in a negative way has an imaginary ability to find the negatives in anything, even if it is positive, and everyone goes through the pit of negative thinking, but what is important is that the individual can get out of that spiral.

Sources of negative thoughts

After discussing to know what negative thoughts are, then it is necessary to know that negative thoughts are well-established programming acquired from five different sources. These sources have made negative thoughts a solid force and a reference for the mind that a person uses internally and externally, and from these sources the following

Parents: The first programming that a person acquires is from the father and the mother, so a person learns from his parents the words, their meaning, facial expressions, religious beliefs, principles, feelings, behaviors and values, and if the parents think in a negative way, this type of thinking will be transmitted to the children.

Family: After the parents, there is an important environment in the individual’s life, which is the family of brothers, sisters, grandfather and grandmother, and the way they deal with it will be an important factor in determining the thinking process.

Society: Whether that society is the neighbors, the taxi driver or the bus, and what people say in the environment in which the individual lives, the mind continues to link the information it receives from any external source to the basis of programming stored in the unconscious mind and thus the programming strengthens.

The school: the style of teachers and officials in it in terms of words, expressions, morals and behaviors, and because the school is a strong influence in educational programming, it was easy for the individual to take the negative behaviors and add them to the previous programming.

Friends: Friends are considered the first personal achievement in a person’s life because the choice was from the same individual without any influence from the parents and also to a sense of independence and acceptance, and an individual can learn from friends a lot of negative behaviors and even negative thinking.

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