What is fraud legally

As the intentional misrepresentation of the truth with the aim of depriving a person of his right, and fraud is classified as an element of the basic crime, such as obtaining money under a false pretext, or impersonation.
According to European laws, fraud is not only limited to intentional misrepresentations of the truth, but also includes misrepresentation and fraud in commercial transactions, and therefore any omission or concealment that is harmful to another person or allows a person to make unreasonable use of another person may constitute criminal fraud in legal systems.
This type of fraud can be treated as deception and is subject to civil law procedures rather than criminal law. One of the most common types of criminal fraud is obtaining property by giving a check without balance.

Fraudulent actions

Fraud is a different group of fraudulent acts that are legally held accountable, and among the most important of these fraudulent acts, for which the law is held accountable, is the forgery of documents, documents, data and information, in addition to the theft of personal information such as social security number, personal identity or passport and the following documents to prove the identity of the individual.
It is possible to commit fraud and fraud through many modern technological media including fraud through e-mail, fraud through wire and communication, or fraud through the mobile phone.
In addition to fraud through the Internet, which includes computer crime and social networks, as fraudsters rely on the Internet on the dimensions of the international Internet and the ease of use to hide their sites.
In addition to the difficulty of verifying identity and legitimacy on the Internet, and the simplicity with which hackers can convert browsers to insecure sites in order to be able to steal information, data and details.
These fraudulent methods have contributed to the extremely rapid growth in Internet fraud, and one of the most important forms of fraud is also tax fraud. In some countries, tax fraud is prosecuted under false invoices or tax fraud in the tax statements or figures.

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