Philosophical thinking

Philosophical thinking

Philosophy is one of the most important sciences based on the study of human behavior and its many details, which deals with the development of societies and the study of various natural phenomena, their subjects and locations, and is based on general questions, existence, values, reason and language.
As for philosophical thinking, it is thinking that is based on the principles and characteristics of philosophy, which also means thinking about the conditions of things in an out of the ordinary and rational way based on logic or on the principles of the different philosophical schools, there is Islamic philosophy, Western, Indian and African philosophy.
In order for thinking to be considered philosophical, a set of characteristics must be present in it, and these characteristics are what distinguish a thinking from others, and in order for a type of philosophical thinking to be described, there must be a set of characteristics of philosophical thinking, and these characteristics are
The existence of a ground for critical thinking, which means thinking about things from a standpoint other than the intuitive premise that takes things as they are, but rather thinking about them and approaching them to reality and trying to form an individual’s opinion about them.
Doubt and denial This means placing ideas on the balance of logic and weighing their closeness to logic or not, questioning them and not accepting them immediately, but forming logical ideas about them and asking about their validity.
Holistic and abstraction These characteristics mean not looking at things in sections, but rather looking at what they are and what they are, and not visualizing things.
Not only material but also the study of imperceptible phenomena.

Philosophical thinking skills

There are characteristics of philosophical thinking there are also skills, and philosophical thinking is not based on characteristics alone or on skills
On their own, but based on them together in a coherent way, and these skills that must be available in philosophical thinking are
Logic The availability of logic is the basic groundwork for philosophical thinking, and one of the most important skills.
Debate helps the discussion to identify new perspectives and thus wider perceptions of the thinker.
Analysis Analysis means breaking down one idea into small ideas and studying them separately.
Installation means building new ideas on previous ideas to create a complete style.
Meditation Meditation means looking and thinking about things from different and new angles, and meditation uses brainstorming.


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