There is a person in every two who does not like the work that he does, and one in every two wishes to do something other than what he does or to work in another field, so why are some people more successful than others, so it is necessary to know the factors of success. , And be as follows

The impulse is the engine of human behavior, because without the motivation, a person does not have a desire to do anything, it sends enthusiasm and energy, and the perception of the individual in that case is greater, but if the individual’s determination is declining, then it is directed towards the negative things only.


Energy is the fuel of life, and human energy is generated through a healthy life, so that a successful person does not tend to destroy his health through unhealthy food, smoke, nightlife or alcohol. For a successful person, a healthy life is his most important priority.

Among the ten keys to success is the skill, which is the orchard of wisdom and knowledge, and knowledge and skill can be increased through reading and attending lectures, learning a new language, waking up half an hour before the appointment and investing this time in creating new ideas so that the name of this time is the time of ideas.


Perception is the way to success. Today’s achievements are the fantasies and dreams of yesterday, and it is important that a person does not make fun of his perceptions. High-rise buildings, television, and even light were all just perceptions. Perceptions are among the most important ten keys to success.
Action, action is the path of strength, knowledge alone is not sufficient, it must be accompanied by action and application, it is beautiful for a person to dream and imagine, and this is a fundamental thing, but the most important key in the ten keys to success is action and implementation without hesitation.


Expectation is the way to reality, it is important for a person to know that he can be full of energy and enthusiasm and have many skills, and put all of this into practice and action, but if he does not expect success then he will fail, so expecting the best of life and expecting success is one of the most important points in the keys. Top Ten for Success.


After commitment, the seeds of achievement appear, so people sometimes fail not because they do not have the capabilities but because of the lack of commitment. Whatever the level of enthusiasm at the beginning must continue until the end, many relationships are destroyed and companies close due to a lack of commitment.


Flexibility is one of the ten keys to success, which is the willingness to change the plan every time a person faces difficulties and challenges. Flexibility and adaptation bring the individual closer to achieving goals, it is important that the individual does not feel frustrated and depressed when facing challenges, but rather hastens to develop new plans and expect success.


Patience is the key to relief and goodness. Many failures occur with people who do not realize how close they are to success but have given up. A person can search for someone they trust to tell him about the difficulties he faces, to instill patience in him.


Discipline is the basis of the ten keys to success. It is very easy for an individual to waste his time on useless things or not to do anything in the first place. Bad habits can give a person pleasure in the short term, but they are the same that give him pain and suffering in the long term.

Causes of failure

Some may not succeed in achieving the required success, so it is called failure. Failure is not a catastrophe, but not trying again is a disaster, and also the individual who has lived the experience of failure must know the reason behind his failure and modify it, and also know the ten keys to success to follow it, and among the reasons for the following failure
Procrastination and procrastination, so the individual believes that he has enough time and can delay success.
Weak determination and willpower and lack of motivation.
Physical and intellectual apathy and laziness in accomplishing what he has to accomplish.
Hesitation and inability to make timely decisions.
Inhibitors are people who instill negative energy in others.
Lack of self-confidence, and lack of awareness of belief in one’s own capabilities.

Lack of clarity of purpose, as some do not set themselves real goals.
Wasting time and not knowing how to manage time is one of the most important reasons for failure

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