The influence of the media on society

The influence of the media on society

Media in the language is the source of the verb is the most knowledgeable, so it is said that so-and-so is the most knowledgeable about the matter, meaning that he informed him and informed him of it, and its meaning is to inform, faithful.
As a convention, the media is a media process that begins with the informant knowing important information.
It is information that deserves to be transmitted and published, and after that the successive stages of collecting this information from the source then transferring it, editing it and publishing it to the public either by means of a newspaper, news agency, radio or television station, and some of them define it as publishing accurate and truthful information and facts with the aim of persuasion and report.
Some of them also defined it as an objective expression of the general mentality of the masses and their tendencies, trends and spirit at the same time, and it was said in the definition of the declaration that it is the process of understanding that is based on organizing the interaction between members of society and their response, inclination and sympathy in opinions.
with eachother.

The influence of the media on moral values

Through its various means, the media affects the thoughts, values, morals, and behavior of a person as well. These media have a magical ability to influence the subconscious of people and implant the ideas they present in their daily and life behaviors, and it also changes their view of the world around them.
And it may undertake a complete replacement of values, and implanting other values ​​instead, by forming stereotypes and mental images on many topics, and there is no doubt that the main goal of this ability to influence is building, reform and contributing to the inculcation of good moral values.
But it may have the opposite effect at times, causing destructive effects on the value system in society, and this happens when the media choose models that they want people to take as role models for them, and the groups of society most affected by these role models are young people who are in their teens.
It is easy to control them and change their values ​​by presenting them in the behavior of this role model hero, so the phenomenon of blind imitation arises without distinguishing between correct and sound values ​​and between wrong choices and shameful actions.
The unacceptable mixes with the acceptable, whether religious or societal, and wrong behaviors and values ​​may become acceptable and widespread in society, and this is evidence of the terrible impact that the media may have on moral values ​​in any society.

The influence of the media on societal values

There is a close relationship between the media and the system of values ​​and ethics in society, as the media play an important role in societies, as it transmits thought patterns, values, understandings and knowledge, and therefore contributes to creating an important aspect of societal culture.
It also represents the way of life of peoples that it expresses, and specialists in the communication between societal values ​​and the media have tried to determine the role of these media in society and their impact on it, and some of them saw that the media monitor the social environment by collecting information and then presenting it to people, thus enabling society to keep pace with changing circumstances .
Specialists also believe that the media increases the cohesion of parts of a single society to make it respond faster in the event that it faces challenges from the surrounding environment, by creating a unified and patriotic public opinion.
There is no doubt that the media has a great influence on moral and societal values


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