Self love

Self love

Self-esteem and self-confidence are among the basic features that characterize each individual’s personality. There is no doubt that a person’s success in all attempts always attempts to renew himself and change his weaknesses to become strengths.

The matters of his life are definitely due to his great self-confidence and self-esteem at the same time, and this success is also due to the ability of each person to solve all the difficult problems and challenges that face with ease and strength, and therefore we notice that self-esteem and self-confidence are both basic terms that express compatibility Good psychological.

The importance of self-esteem and self-confidence in the following

Each of them works to achieve harmony and psychological cohesion, as we notice that self-integrity is always and clearly linked to the ability to self-esteem and self-confidence that characterizes each individual, and it also expresses his constant sense of happiness and comfort, and the person’s self-confidence helps him in facing all situations, challenges and crises that he is exposed to. It has every individual in the matters of his entire life.
Gaining more experiences, we notice that a person’s self-confidence while appreciating it gives the individual a great motivation in order to learn a lot and gain a large amount of different experiences that increase his information in all psychological, scientific and social aspects in all different fields, as it expresses at the same time to learn new things and progress towards Achieve everything new.
The ability to succeed in work and achieve all the required goals, as we notice that a person’s confidence in himself and the skills he possesses helps him to successfully achieve all the work required of him in a good manner. He also has great confidence in his ability to accomplish all tasks in the manner required of him, that is, it confirms the ability of the individual to Overcome all the burdens facing and be able to bear it.
We notice that an individual who is confident in his personality is characterized by wise and more rational reactions, and thus is more able to avoid making mistakes that impede his life and hinder him from achieving his success in all his various life matters.
The ability to face all the different problems that it faces, for example we note that these people are characterized by their ability to face all the pressures and problems that face them in all matters of their life, and they are also distinguished by their ability to overcome all problems in a more rational and good way without being exposed to making any mistake Absolutely, hence the great importance of self-confidence and appreciation.

Qualities of a person who has self-esteem and self-confidence

There are some characteristics that indicate that a person has self-esteem and self-confidence, and v
These characteristics appeared on his behavior and dealings with others, and a self-confident person can be described as follows
Mental perceptions: A person who enjoys self-esteem and self-confidence possesses correct and positive perceptions of himself, is aware of his weaknesses and strengths, and is able to deal and adapt to them according to the circumstances in which he is placed. He is confident in himself and is confident that he will find a solution to everything.
Initiative: The initiative for a self-confident person is not just taking a step forward, but rather means that he is responsible for his life, and that his behavior is a result of his decisions and not circumstances, so he takes the initiative in making his decisions and does not wait for chance to do what it wants.
Leadership personality: The leadership personality is closely related to self-confidence, so the individual does not have a leadership personality without having confidence in himself, for the self-confident person has reached a stage of maturity and balance in the decisions that qualify him for leadership, so he can understand himself and the world and achieve what He wants him and what others want, so people choose him as their leader.
Cooperation: Collaboration and cooperation are the essence of social life. A self-confident person is humble and applies the principles of creative cooperation.
Renewal: It was previously mentioned that a self-confident person is aware of his weaknesses, so it is true

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