The memory of the liberation of Sinai

The memory of the liberation of Sinai

Every year, all the Egyptian people celebrate the Sinai Liberation Day, on the 25th of April 1982 CE

  • Complete liberation from the Israeli occupation, as that day came after a long conflict between Egypt and Israel, in which the Egyptian flag was raised over the Sinai Peninsula. Where many festivals are held to celebrate that great occasion that left a great impact on the lives of Egyptians.

    The peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel led to Israel’s withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula, and thus Egyptian sovereignty returned to its lands, and a timetable was drawn up showing the mechanism for the Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai, and it is as follows:

    In 1979 AD, the Egyptian flag was raised over the El-Arish area, and Israel withdrew from the El-Arish line and began implementing the peace agreement.

    The second phase of the withdrawal, Israel vacated an area of ​​6000 square kilometers from the Abu Zaniba area to the Abu Khirbet area.

    Israel withdrew from the Saint Catherine and Wadi al-Tur areas, and that day was considered as the national holiday for the South Sinai Governorate.

    The Egyptian flag was raised on the borders of Egypt from the eastern side, that is, on the city of Rafah in northern Sinai, and Sharm al-Sheikh, in southern Sinai. The Israeli withdrawal continued after a 15-year occupation.

    The Sinai Peninsula is bordered on the western side by the Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal, on the eastern side by the Gulf of Aqaba and the Negev, on the northern side by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the south by the Red Sea.

    The extension of Sinai from east to west is 210 km, while it extends from north to south for a distance of 385 km. Sinai connects the continent of Africa with the continent of Asia, with an area of ​​61,000 square kilometers.

    The Sinai Liberation Day marked the complete Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula with the exception of the Taba area, which was liberated for seven years.

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