About company

She has security license number 122
The management of Sina Misr Security and Guard Company is based on a distinguished elite of the armed forces and police
Known for their discipline and competence in the field of security and guarding, assisted by a distinguished elite of
The administrators and technicians also performs in cooperation with the management of Sina Egypt to perform and train individuals
Elite of trained instructors from the armed forces and police who have spent more than a quarter
A century at work in various security services, who got specialized studies inside
And abroad and fully aware of the work of security and guarding.

The work carried out by the company

1- Executing the permanent and emergency instructions of the site and the facility.
2- Control the entrances and exits and protect the side walls from intruders.
3- Record the movement of visitors and delegates in the books designated for that.
4- Follow up on the movement of approved permits and insist on its registration and approval of the officials before leaving.
5- Record the movement of supplies and raw materials in the designated books.
6- Control the movement of cars as they enter and exit.
7- Inform the customer about events that offend the site while collecting the most amount of information about the event and present it to the officials immediately.
8- Conducting a comprehensive survey of the building after leaving and making sure that it is empty of workers.
9 – Not to approach suspect things.
10 – Searching workers and visitors during the exit, according to the site’s instructions.
11 – Sina Egypt also performs civil defense and industrial security work to confront any threat to the health and safety of the facility and its employees.
12- It also carries out periodic maintenance and follow-up of surveillance cameras, security devices, alarm and control devices and comprehensive maintenance work for the facility.
13- Providing public and private parties and concerts with the highest means of protection and safety of individuals and equipment.
14- Securing facilities, entrances and gates, and checking cars with dogs trained to discover crackers and dealing with suspicious objects.
15- Securing facilities, entrances and gates, and checking cars with dogs trained to discover crackers and dealing with suspicious objects.

Guard plan

Guard and insurance for 24 hours a day, divided into (two day and night patrols, each patrol operates on a 12-hour system and three shifts, each patrol operates on an 8-hour system.
Eleven: The tasks of the command and control centers
Implementing the security and guarding plan according to the permanent instructions
Ensure that individuals are taught their duties and duties assigned to them
Ensure that individuals wear the company uniform
Ensuring the presence of individuals with guard points and ensuring complete vigilance
Continuous traffic on the site and to ensure that there are no security violations

Company housing