Cleaning facilities after finishing

Cleaning facilities after finishing

Cleaning facilities after finishing

The company Sina Egypt is one of the strongest companies in cleaning services for villas and all facilities, where we do a comprehensive cleaning and establish the facilities and buildings newly established after finishing, such as companies, villas, palaces, public institutions, glass facades and schools. We use the strongest and best equipment for cleaning with the highest quality As well as the materials used for cleaning, and because the company has 10 years of experience, you should rest assured of your choice of our companies. We provide cleaning companies in all governorates, Cairo, Giza and other governorates.

Company services Sina Egypt for cleaning and sterilization:-

Facade cleanliness:

The company cleans glass facades, granite, modern cladding and aluminium, in all its heights and types.
The company provides all the necessary equipment to carry out these works at the required level, including ladders, scaffolding and spiderman belts.

Foundational and internal hygiene:

Carrying out basic and internal cleaning works in bodies, institutions, restaurants and villas.

Floor cleaning:

The company carries out cleaning works for hard floors such as “marble – marble, granite – and parquet” using chemicals and modern equipment, special cleaning process and maintenance of parquet floors using the latest methods used globally.

Carpet and rug cleaning:

The company uses the latest equipment used in cleaning and renewing carpets and rugs with chemicals designated for cleaning. We use special formulations of our company prepared for cleaning and perfuming from major international companies that give good hygiene and high sterilization quality.
The company uses the detergents used to clean the atriums and salons.

Chimney line cleanliness:

The company is working on cleaning chimneys from fumes and toxic materials with the latest scientific methods, restaurants and hotels need to be carried out globally.

We also work on cleaning hoods from the fat stuck in it, as the major restaurants mentioned in our previous work depend on the cleanliness of their chimneys.

Factory cleaning:

Sina Egypt Company for Integrated Cleaning Services provides a distinguished service as we sterilize the factory

Cleaning machines, equipment, all offices and factory accessories, in addition to removing polluting materials that accumulate

It may cause serious diseases to workers and factory workers, because we are the best factory cleaning company in Cairo.

pest control:

We have a special section with a specialized and well-trained work team in the field of pest control and extermination of all kinds, as we have a previous extensive work in this field.

The company’s team uses chemicals that are not harmful to the environment and do not affect the health of children, chest patients, allergies and the elderly.

Our company also carries out cleaning work in large areas such as gardens, farms, villas and the spacious edifice. We also clean residential apartments.

The best sterilization company Sina Egypt:

The best cleaning company provides its customers with the safest sterilization services for buildings against the dreaded Corona virus.

To tighten the screws on the spreading Corona virus, through

Apply precautionary measures and use sterilization and disinfection means.

We have a health technician from the Ministry of Health who is aware of the safest sterilization materials and disinfectants. He uses them to sterilize homes, gardens, factories and warehouses.

Cleanliness is the focus of society’s attention, and it plays a major role in limiting the transmission of epidemics and diseases and limiting the spread of insects and rodents in the place.

Our company provides the best interior and exterior glass cleaning services.

Using distilled water with the addition of sterilizing materials to water to clean and sterilize glass from the inside and outside, caring for gardens and refining them, providing cleaning and sterilization services for tanks and swimming pools.

The advantages enjoyed by Sina Egypt Company for cleaning after finishing the facilities:

Cleanliness is one of the important matters, and one of the advantages of cleaning companies after finishing is to sterilize and clean buildings in all their parts, starting with floors, walls and ceilings, and ending with furniture and furnishings.

A house cleaning company relies on equipment with advanced technologies in cleaning work, equipment that was specifically manufactured to carry out cleaning work in buildings.
Modern equipment needs trained workers who can deal with modern equipment. Sana Misr Yanbu has regular workers who are able to use the equipment and carry out sterilization work accurately and professionally.

Continuous follow-up work aims to achieve quality in carrying out cleaning work, which is carried out by the company through a team specialized in supervising the regular employment of cleaning companies after finishing in Al-Kharj.

One of the advantages that made cleaning companies after finishing in Al-Kharj enjoy the title of preference among companies is the use of imported materials for cleaning, taking into account the diversity in the use of materials, and the company uses for each part the appropriate materials
For example, the company uses materials that differ from the materials that are used with furniture.

Cleaning companies after finishing are at the top of the lists that include the title of the best cleaning company in Al-Kharj, because they take into account the customer’s comfort in all aspects in terms of capabilities, tastes and other aspects. This appears in the prices offered by the company.

The cleaning company for villas, apartments, complexes and buildings after finishing is not limited to one aspect, including household services such as contracting, finishing and various installation works such as electricity, plumbing and other service works.

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Company Headquarters:

119 Port Said Street, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo.

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