who are we

Cleaning services

An Egyptian Joint Stock Company That Started Its Work In Security And Guard Services,
. Then Expanded And Headed For Cleaning, Labor Supply And Pest Control

We Excel In Our Services With The highest standards of accuracy and quality at
. competitive prices that make us ahead of other companies.

Sina Egypt offers all types of cleaning and pest control for corporate facilities, hospitals
and medical centers Commercial facilities, residential units, villas, green spaces,
commercial centers and shops.

It Is Keen To Have Experts In All The Fields In Which It Operates, with A Training Team
Of The Highest level Of Expertise.
Focusing In Its Work On Developing Accurate Technical Plans And Timetables For
. Quality Control


An Egyptian National Joint Stock Company Established In 2001


Security and guard services


Cleaning services


pest control

Cleaning services


Supplying all types of labor with a high level of expertise in all available fields

cleaning tools

public street sweeping machines

single and double floor washing machines

dust and water suction devices

General Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services


wooden Surfaces Cleaner

Check The Quality

Of the Surfaces

Dust Off Wooden


Wooden Surfaces

Totally Dry Polishing Pads Made For It


Salon Cleaning

Doing th cleaning process properly so that

we can provide an excellent cleaning service


Bathroom cleaning

Check The Quality Of the Surfaces

Washing Ceramics And walls, Washing Toilet

 Bases, Cleaning Glass And Mirrors


Washing And Cleaning Carpets

Check the quality of the carpet and the materials used

Stain removal and thorough washing

Advantages Of Performing
Cleaning Operations

Cleaning services


Keeping the company clean

Enjoy a healthy, pollution-free environment

Enjoy a healthy, pollution-free environment

Implementation of the integrated hygiene program

 Helps the facility obtain international certificates

Such as

ISO 9001 – ISO 22000 – ISO 14001 – HACCP