Corporate cleaning

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Corporate cleaning

Sina Egypt is a company specialized in cleaning and sterilizing different spaces. It also uses customized products that are safe for health and safe for children and the elderly inside homes and companies.

Corporate hygiene:

It is considered one of the most

important aspects of the company and offices. The clean environment of

the workplace can help you complete profitable deals.

A good and clean appearance is not limited to your

reputation in front of your customers only, but at the same time

you maintain the health of your employees because it is

your duty to provide a clean environment

for work and thus return to you by increasing the productivity of the company
And when dealing with our company,

the cleaning problems will end. You must use a professional company to help you maintain a healthy and clean work environment,

and the best level of sterilization and cleaning by preventing the appearance of insects,

removing dust from sofas,

sterilizing apartments and villas,

and performing many tasks related to cleaning with experience and high efficiency,

because we are specialized In the field of cleaning and sterilizing facilities and combating all insects with the latest methods.

Therefore, in Sina Egypt, we carry out all cleaning,

dust removal and polishing operations so that you and your employees can work comfortably.

Being in a clean and healthy environment greatly contributes to reducing sick leaves.

Hygiene steps:

You can also view the cleaning steps for this service to ensure that it covers all aspects of the facility:

Removing cement or oil stains, etc., from floors, walls, ceilings and glass.

Remove any spiders from ceilings and walls.

Clean and polish all glass surfaces.

Cleaning and polishing all metal surfaces.

Washing and cleaning all types of floors for homes and companies (ceramic – marble – parquet)

The best cleaning and polishing of all leather and wooden furniture with the materials designated for that.

The best cleanliness of stairs, entrances and exits to the building.

Cleaning, disinfection and washing of all toilets and bathrooms to reach the best cleaning services.

Put scented tablets in bathrooms for a better smell.

Remove any stains on the walls.

Clean all windows from dust or any stains.

Emptying and cleaning trash and ashtrays, and collecting these wastes into plastic bags.

Cleaning carpets and rugs to clean companies and villas – and remove stains of tea or gum on carpets or rugs – taking into account the washing of carpets and rugs.

Cleaning service features:

Sina Egypt Company for the best cleaning services and is one of the leading companies in this field of cleaning.

When you choose our company, you will enjoy many advantages that you will not find in any apartment cleaning company in Cairo, and among these advantages

Quality of service:

Our service is of high quality because we are only recruited by highly trained workers.

Accuracy of appointments:

We are distinguished by the accuracy of the dates that we agree on, so there is no need for any concern.

Safety and Integrity:

We guarantee you complete safety and integrity by all staff for cleaning services.

Hygiene quality standards:

Key performance indicators are a set of measurable metrics that a company uses to determine how well it is achieving its operational and strategic goals.

As a facility manager, you can assess whether your cleaning services respond positively or negatively to your goals of maintaining the best clean, healthy, safe and quality building environment.

The four criteria of the best hygiene quality:

I have Sina Egypt for security and guarding that offers 4 standards for the quality of hygiene, namely:

Quality of service :

Provides detailed results of the cleaning process companies conducted an audit to determine if a particular department or site needs improvement.

Audits performed to determine if a particular service (such as steam dusting) needs improvement.

The results of audits conducted to determine whether the performance of a particular individual or team is up to standards.

Customer satisfaction and response:

Results of customer surveys to determine their satisfaction.

Monitor complaints and work on them so that they do not occur again.

Monitoring the special requests received by the cleaning team and completing them successfully.

Hygiene team:

Determine employee productivity by measuring the number of square feet cleaned per hour divided by the number of direct labor hours it takes to clean

Monitor employee absenteeism:

On-site training for new employees on procedures and adherence to safety regulations and policies.

Monitor employee retention and negative attrition.

For details, please register your details or call:

01100961100 – 01102077000

Company Headquarters:

119 Port Said Street, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo.

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