How to choose the best safe person

How to choose the best safe person

How to choose the best safe person.

(security) individual security:

The security personnel is the most important element at all in the security service provided by private security companies, because the security personnel is responsible for producing the security plan in an ideal picture.

Apply it as required without causing any problems

Of any kind, and contrary to common practice, the ingredients for an ideal security person are in private guards

It’s not just about physical specifications or security knowledge

In fact, there are many other important ingredients that many individuals who work in this field lack, such as the skills of interacting with the public.

How to choose the best security person:

(security) The ideal for Sina Egypt for security and guarding

There are many security and guarding companies in Cairo
With the increasing research on security companies, Sina Egypt Company for Security and Guard appeared

The elements of the ideal security individual in private guards in Egypt differ according to several elements.


The age factor is a very differential factor in the speed of physical and mental response and the ability to carry out various tasks, and the ideal age for a security person is between 20 and 45 years.

Previous security experiences:

It is very important in providing the

security personnel with the necessary experience to deal in different situations. Therefore, for example,

at some job levels or grades,

it is preferable for the security personnel to be from those who previously worked in the armed forces, the police, or any other official security apparatus.

Physical features:

An ideal security person should have some special physical characteristics of height, fitness and physical strength to be able to carry out the tasks assigned to him with the required efficiency.


The ideal security individual should

also have the required knowledge,

whether in the security,

technological or other aspects, which helps him to perform his job with the required efficiency.

Social features:

The ideal security personnel should also be of the appropriate degree of social rehabilitation to be able to deal with the public correctly without causing unnecessary problems.

Responsibility of the ideal security man:

Where the security personnel assigns

the guard some responsibilities when

guarding the facility to protect it from

any acts of burglary or theft, and this guarding

includes preserving it against acts of sabotage and any material and moral damage to it, including the safety and security of its employees.

Personal safety of individuals and protection of the facility

The safety of the building and its devices, equipment and purposes during its working period

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