hygiene quality standards

سينا مصر ,hygiene quality standards

hygiene quality standards
The four standards of hygiene quality

Sina Egypt is the first company to book services,

easy and practical to provide the highest level

of service through a group of trained employees

and different cleaning plans.

Hygiene quality standards:

Key performance indicators are a set of measurable

metrics that a company uses to

determine how well it is achieving its operational and strategic goals.

As a facility manager,

you can use the KPI report to assess whether your cleaning

service is responding positively

or negatively to your goals of maintaining a clean,

healthy, safe, and quality building environment.

Four hygiene quality criteria:

Sina Misr Company for Security and Guard has 4 standards for the quality of hygiene, which are:

Quality of service :

Results of audits conducted to determine whether a particular department or site needs improvement.

Audits performed to determine

if a particular service (such as dust removal)

needs improvement.

The results of audits conducted to determine

whether the performance of a particular individual or team is up to standards.

Customer satisfaction and response:

Results of customer surveys to determine their satisfaction.

Monitor complaints and work on them so that they do not occur again.

Monitoring the special requests received by the cleaning team and completing them successfully.

Hygiene team:

Determine employee productivity by measuring the number of square feet cleaned per hour divided by the number of direct labor hours it takes to clean.

Monitor employee absenteeism:

On-site training for new employees on procedures and adherence to safety regulations and policies.

Monitor employee retention and negative attrition.


Although the cost varies from one customer to another,

we use all data to continuously improve our service to you.

This is one of the reasons why we provide you with the best innovative, safe and sustainable cleaning solutions and services.

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