Make a Decision

Make a Decision

Indecision is a behavior characterized by oscillation between decisions and inability to make a decision, which means the process of evaluating and choosing alternatives, a problem-solving activity that ends with a satisfactory solution closer to realism, and therefore it is a rational process when it occurs in the right path and irrational when it is taken in an unplanned way and unstructured. There are many skills that can be developed for a logical decision-making process as close to reality as possible, such as analysis and discussion.

Decision making stages

  • Knowing the existence of the problem At this stage, a sense of the existence of the problem must be available and touched.

  • Setting goals Setting goals that can be achieved by reaching a solution to the problem.

  • Ranking goals in order of importance Rank the goals from most important to least important.

  • Develop alternatives and solutions Develop feasible solutions on the ground.

  • Evaluate alternatives and solutions Outline the pros and cons of existing alternatives.

  • Inventory of viable alternatives Choosing the best of the best among the existing solutions.

  • Choosing the most appropriate alternative Choosing the only logical alternative that achieves the realistic solution to the problem.

Get rid of hesitation in making a decision

  • Getting rid of fear It is possible to get rid of fear by thinking in a logical way and getting rid of the delusional thoughts that go through a person in his life stages.

  • Setting goals helps the individual to think about what he wants, and this helps and encourages one to think about the future without hesitation to achieve the goal.

  • Remembering achievements Achieving a victory helps to achieve victories after it, and the ability to continue working on self-development, skills, and repeat victories.

  • Taking Responsibility for Decisions A person must be aware of his decisions and aware of the negatives and positives that can result in a sound decision.

  • Building self-confidence by identifying strengths and weaknesses, trying to reconcile with oneself, achieving psychological health and strengthening personality.

رمز "تم التحقق منها بواسطة المنتدى"

رمز "تم التحقق منها بواسطة المنتدى"

رمز "تم التحقق منها بواسطة المنتدى"

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