Mature personality

Many people wonder about the topic of mature personality traits and what are the qualities and behaviors that determine maturity, and what age a person reaches maturity, that age has nothing to do with maturity, and you may see more mature youth than those who are older, and the qualities of a mature man differ from one society to another, But there are some characteristics that many agreed upon that indicate maturity of the personality.

Mature personality traits

1- Listen more, talk less.
2- Awareness and consideration of others, and lack of selfishness.
3- Not judging situations personally, not being easily offended, and feeling the need to defend oneself 4- to prove their point of view to others.
5- Generosity and gratitude to others.
6- Take responsibility for health, and not rely on others for self-reform, or blame circumstances.
7- To be calm and peaceful, not to despair, and to be rational.
8- Demonstrate flexibility and openness as opposed to resistance or control.
9- Respecting others’ point of view, beliefs and way of life without judgment, not sticking to an opinion, 10- not belittling another person, or using profanity or violence to clarify the point of view.
11- Thinking before acting and being kind, not losing control and acting rudely.
12- Encourage and support others.
13- Joy for the success of others, lack of envy or criticism.
14- Make an effort to change negative points in life.
15- Accepting and loving oneself, and being content with it, without clinging to others in an exaggerated manner.
16- Defending justice for oneself and others and choosing to do the right thing.
17- Not clinging to material items or bragging about material things.

Mature and passionate personality

An emotionally mature personality is one who has the ability to understand things from different points of view and not project judgments on others, he knows when to interact and how to interact, and he always watches people to try to understand their behavior, in addition to listening to everyone and understanding their complexities.
Among the qualities of an emotionally mature personality are calmness and familiarity, good listening and assertiveness, and not dropping hasty judgments, as he shows sympathy for others, and he has the ability to solve problems.
He is distinguished by patience and not fear of confrontation, cooperative and helpful, does good and smiles a lot, and makes those around him feel comfortable while talking to him, while an immature person has the exact opposite of the previous qualities, so the two can be easily distinguished.

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