who are we

An Egyptian Joint Stock Company That Started Its Work In Security And Guard Services,
Then Expanded And Headed For Cleaning, Labor Supply And Pest Control
We Excel In Our Services With The highest standards of accuracy and quality at
competitive prices that make us ahead of other companies.
Sina Egypt offers all types of cleaning and pest control for corporate facilities, hospitals
and medical centers Commercial facilities, residential units, villas, green spaces,
commercial centers and shops.
It Is Keen To Have Experts In All The Fields In Which It Operates, with A Training Team
Of The Highest level Of Expertise.
Focusing In Its Work On Developing Accurate Technical Plans And Timetables For
Quality Control

An Egyptian National Joint Stock Company Established In 2001.


Security and guard services


Cleaning services


pest control

Exterminate All Insects

Sina Misr For Extermination Of Insects, Rodents And
Reptiles Is One Of the Leading Companies In The Field
Of Pest Control, A Company Specialized In Pest
Control Of All Kinds For All Public Facilities.
Extermination of insects by making a plan by
the Sina Egypt team in all places of insects and
their burrows using the best technological
equipment of all kinds, whatever they are









Devices and equipment used in the field
Pest Control

Disinfection and sterilization


Remove the effects of spraying


 The latest devices search out where 


Advantages of Sina misr

The best way to deal with the facility is determined by

Contracting for development an appropriate business plan

 Appropriate technical and material offer

A trained team working in the largest international companies

We use products from the largest chemical companies

A team trained in the use of electricity, mechanics and

Hydraulic lifts

The fastest team to clean up elevated destinations

Social and health insurance for company employees