Pest Control

Sina misr offers pest control experts for our top-rated pest specialist services designed for pests

that require targeted therapy based on their unique characteristics and behavior,

require our organic products Minimal use to achieve effective results.



Hot, humid weather, home cooking, and a variety of pests, including cockroaches, ants, and mice.

It threatens the quality of life we ​​all enjoy due to its ability to spread bacteria and transmit disease.

These pests are much more than a nuisance it is important to fully understand the risks associated with any potential pest problem.

Do not share your home with these pests! With our integrated pest management services, professionals will protect

We have highly trained and licensed trainers.


home pest control

Providing pest control services Our integrated pest management services cover residential pest control

Both preventive pest control and extermination, ensure you a pest-free home plus peace of mind.

Our home pest control service includes ant control  All Above (requires fire ants, borer ants

And white-legged ants, control of household cockroaches and spiders of all kinds, and pill bugs.

We also have solutions to control mice, scorpions, bed bugs, and fleas. Ours is already the service

The most efficient and responsible environment available.

One of the biggest threats many closed businesses face is the potential for dangerous pests to spread,

which may have arisen while their buildings were left idle and unprotected from pests.

The property owner has an obligation to keep the premises free of rodents, or if they are rodents

poses a threat to health or property.

We offer food company owners to maintain pest-free workplaces for quality hygiene.

Pest control has been designated as an essential service, and there is still access to safe and professional services for Covid-19

In a pandemic, even in lockdown.

If pest management visits are maintained, property and businesses must be in good standing

To reopen it safely there may be some cleaning professionals returning to those places that were left empty

And you may have problems with pests, if pest management visits are maintained, the property should be

And businesses are in a good position to reopen safely.

Rodents will not only harm the food they want, But they will also gnaw through other packages,

As well as wood, cable and some soft metals. This behavior can cause serious harm

Such as bursting water pipes, defective electronics, and in rare cases, may cause a fire.

مكافحة الآفات

Top Ready Pest Control Tips

Securing all food sources safely from pests, checking access points closed, performing comprehensive cleaning and hygiene operations

Pest Control Equipment Condition Check: Visit the site to perform routine maintenance and pest activity checks.

Perform a pest inspection Return to work with your pest management company, THEN Have a good company

To manage pests in your office, company, or home, find Sina Company.

The guide goes through a step-by-step process to enable companies to that mitigate potential risks of pest problems.

It is designed for any business that most importantly has been closed for a period of time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We also explain to the client the reproductive cycles and habits of rats and mice and highlight how quickly they can

become a serious problem.

Measures that can be taken to deter pests from entering the building in the first place are also featured, as well as explain

When and how to contact a pest control company.

An easy-to-use checklist for tasks to be flagged before doors open for employees and clients is also included.

take action

Year-round service gives you guaranteed protection for over 30 common pests.

This service includes an initial treatment and routine treatments afterward, ensuring lasting results.

Rodents and many other pests carry and transmit diseases and can reproduce at an alarming rate

If left untreated. They contaminate food, destroy stocks, and can cause fires and floods with their nibbles.

It is critical to maintain vigilance however in these difficult times and to work counter

Professional pest control combined with professional cleaning services to achieve the best results.

Proactive pest management is the best way we can manage the risks that they can cause

Injury to public health and peace.

حماية كاملة

Can Sina control insects and get rid of ticks?

The company Sina offers to see ticks in wooded areas, most importantly you can find these pests anywhere.

Ticks can fill your yard, loving your family and pets.

Covering complete protection from tick pests As part of our general pest control services, we provide

Professional tick control to remove them from your home and yard.Since ticks are a year-round nuisance

Especially in warmer climates, we offer year-round tick control assistance.

If you are struggling with ticks on your property, prove it.

An invitation to enjoy your patio again!


How to contact us

In conclusion, Whether you are looking for answers, want to solve a problem,

or just want to tell us how we work too, you will find us at your service,

specializing in all cleaning and sterilization work for all facilities.

For more details, please register your details or contact:


Company Headquarters :

119 Port Said El-Sayeda Zeinab Street, Cairo.

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Sina Egypt offers all types of cleaning and pest control for corporate facilities, hospitals
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It Is Keen To Have Experts In All The Fields In Which It Operates, with A Training Team
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An Egyptian National Joint Stock Company Established In 2001.


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Sina Misr For Extermination Of Insects, Rodents And
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Of Pest Control, A Company Specialized In Pest
Control Of All Kinds For All Public Facilities.
Extermination of insects by making a plan by
the Sina Egypt team in all places of insects and
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Pest Control

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The best way to deal with the facility is determined by

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A trained team working in the largest international companies

We use products from the largest chemical companies

A team trained in the use of electricity, mechanics and

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