Pest control and extermination

سينا مصر ,Pest control and extermination

Pest control and extermination

extermination of insects

Types of insects that a company can eliminate

You can exterminate insects, whatever the type of insects

in your home through Sina Egypt for extermination,

and the company has a large group of employees

with great experience in the field of extermination of insects

using insecticides and many methods.

Insect extermination:

We provide complete protection and a final solution

to the problem of insects from their roots

and we apply our approach based on the extermination

of insects in your property without smell,

leaving your home or removing any utensils in your kitchen.

Finally, discovering the places of insect burrows that are

difficult to reach by using thermal glasses to feel the movement inside the walls, walls and the ground.

Types of insects that a company can eliminate:

The company can exterminate insects such as

flies and mosquitoes, as well as ants and other

harmful insects such as bed bugs, and the company

eliminates these insects by using good types

of insecticides and does not require the evacuation of the residents of the house when the company sprays,

because the quality of pesticides is not harmful to health The people in the house.

Perfect Insect Killer:

The study of insects:

The type of insects and the level of infestation are examined and determined
By a thermal imaging camera technician to search for activity
In hard-to-reach places for ultimate insect extermination.

Insect extermination:

Pest extermination is our next step to end

your pest problem
Of your possessions permanently through

pesticides authorized by the Ministry of Health that are safe for your family.

Follow-up and monitoring:

Follow-up is one of the most important stages

of extermination of insects, where you are visited after 15

days to monitor insects and make

sure that insects have been completely eliminated and give you tips to protect you in the future.

Tips in advance from Sina Egypt for a house without insects:

The company also offers a set of tips to help you protect the house from insects, including:

1-Ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned.

2-Spray the house every so often to ensure that your home is not infested with insects, and you can rely on Sina Egypt to exterminate insects at the lowest prices.

For more details, please register your details or call:

01100961100 – 01102077000

Company Headquarters :

119 Port Said Street, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo.

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