Protect cars from theft

Protect cars from theft

car stealing
Car theft is one of the widespread accidents in the recent period, as it is widespread all over the world and the goal is to trade in cars, and this matter is a great fear and concern for car owners, so they search for ways to protect their cars from theft.
Especially if their cars are outside. There are some ideas and tips to protect cars from theft.
Several methods and systems to protect the car from theft
1- Control the movement of the steering wheel
After parking it, the owner of the car must remove the key, and turn the steering wheel until he hears the sound of a tick, and in this case the thief will not be able to move the steering wheel in any direction and the theft will fail.
2- Drexion car
Through it, the steering wheel is linked with the clutch or brake pedal, and this would impede the thief and delay it for a period of up to about a quarter of an hour.
3- The fingerprint key
Car owners must obtain the fingerprint key from the car store, so a hidden button must be installed inside the car and responsible for operating the car engine.
4- Theft prevention device
It is a device hidden inside the car in which a mobile chip is installed, and it is tracked in the event of the car being stolen, using it on another device, or on the Internet or other methods.
5- Customer service
This feature enables you to stop the car by calling the car’s customer service, who in turn will stop its engine, thus stopping it from moving completely.
6- Navigation system
This system helps to locate the car in case it is stolen, with the help of satellites, and the navigation system can also be linked with a mobile phone to monitor the car continuously.
Several other methods
1- Shutdown devices: These devices work to stop the car’s engine, or stop it after it exceeds a certain area.
2- Alarm device: The function of this device is to emit a loud sound when approaching the car.
3- Amplifier: It is a new system found in modern cars, which prevents the car from operating except by using its own key.

Tips to protect the car from theft

1- Avoid parking the car in dark and quiet places, or in places that are difficult to reach, so it is preferable to park it in private garages equipped with surveillance cameras, as it is known that thieves spread in such places, which increases the chance of stealing it.
2- All valuables or belongings must be kept in the cash purse or outside the car.
3- An additional layer of glass must be installed for the car windows, to prevent them from being easily broken.
4- The doors and windows of the car must be closed well, and make sure to remove the key from the car after exiting it.


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