The best pest control company in Egypt

The best pest control company in Egypt

The best pest control company in Egypt

Sina Egypt for extermination of insects and rodents is the best extermination company in Egypt using the best pesticides that are completely safe for human health and pets without smell and without leaving the house at the best price in Egypt. With the best result and the extermination of all insects with long-term and powerful pesticides.

Insect extermination:

We provide complete protection and a final solution to the problem of insects from their roots and we apply our approach based on the extermination of insects in your property without smell, leaving your home or removing any utensils in your kitchen. Finally, discovering the places of insect burrows that are difficult to reach by using thermal glasses to feel the movement inside the walls, walls and the ground.

Types of insects that a company can eliminate:

The company can exterminate insects such as flies and mosquitoes, as well as ants and other harmful insects such as bed bugs, and the company eliminates these insects by using good types of insecticides and does not require the evacuation of the residents of the house when the company is spraying, because the quality of pesticides is not harmful to health People at home

Do pesticides have an irritating smell or harmful to children’s health?

Rest assured of your family now that insects are permanently exterminated with pesticides

Sina Egypt is completely safe for health. It does not have any annoying odors or any harm to humans or pets. Now the best extermination service in Egypt is available through Sina Egypt.

Should anything be done before Sina Egypt comes to exterminate insects to spray insects in the house?

Do not do anything, we will completely exterminate insects in complete comfort and you will not find

No trace of pesticides after spraying and you will find the place clean without any unpleasant odors.

Pest control and extermination:

Sina Egypt uses the best methods for extermination of insects. Pesticides are safe for the health of children and the elderly to combat all kinds of insects. It also uses the best baits in combating rodents. It also uses pesticides according to the type of insects.

Cockroach control and extermination:

Man tries to get rid of cockroaches in many ways to keep his house clean and free of diseases

Because cockroaches transmit germs, microbes, and the pollutants attached to them. Diseases are transmitted to humans. Cockroaches are transmitted to homes through sewer pipes, electricity, and electricity. They also move with cartons of bags, packages, and gas tubes. In the following, we will present ways to combat cockroaches and get rid of them.

Cockroach control methods:

Among the best ways to control ants and cockroaches, there has been great progress in non-toxic and low-toxicity control methods that include formulations, baits, and insect growth regulators.

The dried powders also include sticky traps and ultrasonic devices. All these methods will be discussed and how to integrate them into the cockroach control program.

Scientific research has shown that ultrasonic devices do not affect cockroaches.

What is the bed bugs:

Bed bugs are small insects (non-winged, 4-7 mm long) and their color tends to dark brown and oval in shape) that suck blood during the night and cause severe itching, sensitivity and exhaustion due to lack of sleep. They feed on blood, especially during human sleep day and night in dark rooms. The female lays about (200 ) egg throughout its life.

The insect needs 2-3 months to complete its life cycle.

A small, brown, flat-shaped crawling insect that does not exceed 4 mm in length.

It feeds only on human and animal blood. The female bug lays a large number of eggs, which are white in color

The eggs remain viable for a period of 3 months. The eggs hatch and nymphs emerge from them that look like a full insect, but they are smaller in size.

The nymphs progress through 5 stages in their growth and move from one stage to another after a moulting process, the completion of which requires food for the insect on a blood meal.

It can live 12-18 days without food. The presence of one female in the house is enough for a new focus of infection to be present.

Anti bugs:

Bed bugs hide in many small places. Research and treatment must be thorough. It is best to use a specialized bug control company.

Because expert companies know where to look for bed bugs and they have tools and pesticides that specialize in exterminating bedbugs.

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