The best security and guard company in Egypt

The best security and guard company in Egypt

The best security and guard company in Egypt

I promise the best security company and

the largest company in the world is one that has a

strong management team, strong technical

skills and a passion for what they do.

Security guard (guard):

It is the basis of the work of security and guarding companies.

 the main base of the work structure and is

also the facade of his company,

which highlights the company’s performance and leadership

in its field. It bears responsibility a

nd duty towards each individual within the

facility that he guards and gives a sense of security,

tranquility and confidence that they are in a safe environment.

How to choose the best security person:

(security) The ideal for Sina Egypt for security and guarding

There are many security and guarding companies in Cairo

But in search of the best in security and guarding in Egypt,

we find Sina Egypt company

With the increasing research on security companies,

Sina Egypt Company for Security and

Guard has emerged with the best protection,

security and surveillance cameras with high accuracy.

The elements of the ideal security person in

private guards in Egypt differ through several

elements to reach the best security person able to overcome difficult tasks.

Specifications of the best security personnel at Sina Egypt:

Classified within one of the security organization and guarding the global facilities.
1- Have high and intermediate qualifications.

2- They have good appearance and high physical and mental fitness.

3- High ability to operate tracking and monitoring systems and deal with emergency equipment.

4- First aid skills, and it is sometimes preferable to obtain a CPR certificate, which is a certificate of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

5- The best experience and career progression.

6- Good training in personal and functional skills.

7- Very good familiarity with general safety principles and safety and security protocols.

8- Commitment to the company’s instructions to

provide the best security service while not eating,

drinking or smoking during work and focusing directly on work only.

The elements that must be available in professional security and guard companies?

There are a number of basic elements to be present in any professional insurance company.
To be able to do your part to the fullest.
If one of these elements is missing, this is considered a type of deficiency.

Or defect or weakness in the service provided by this company and the most important of these elements.

Qualification of Personnel:

It is a complex and multi-faceted process because the

rehabilitation of individuals is not only limited to security rehabilitation, but there are also important aspects in the

rehabilitation process, such as technical

training in the use of advanced devices

at the hands of the dean, and a larger community

rehabilitation to train them in contact with the

public and psychological rehabilitation so

that they can act decisively and quickly in different and other situations. that.

Multiple services:

There are many services that security and

guarding companies can provide. There is

insurance for individuals, there is facility insurance,

there is event insurance, there is fire insurance,

insurance against natural disasters,

insurance against human risks, there is human insurance, electronic insurance and so on.

Why is Sina Egypt the best security and guarding company?

Sina Egypt is one of the best security and guard

companies in Egypt for its good security of facilities,

good planning and the best in insurance and guarding all

new facilities and sites.

1- Commitment to deadlines with the utmost precision, which are agreed upon in advance.

2- Performance of cleaning services with the best quality.

3- A trained service team is greater

in using the latest electronic devices, even in

cases of providing cleaning services without causing any

damage or fractures to furniture or home belongings,

especially in cleaning curtains, rugs and sofas.

4- Ease of booking services and communicating with the company

5- There are good follow-up

services for workers and an evaluation by

the company of the performance

of each worker to ensure the best quality of services.

6- The company has services and trained teams to combat insects and rodents.

7- The company offers a contract for long-term contracts.

This contract guarantees the availability of trained

workers to obtain cleaning services

and helps to organize and facilitate dealing

8- The ability to set up insurance systems for all establishments and homes.

9- Installing fire alarms and creating an integrated system of protection.

10- Contribution to insurance and pest control for companies at the highest level.

11- It provides all security services in the governorates and provides private security.
12- It works around the clock for the best security service.


Planning is a complex process that depends on the two aforementioned stages and affects the following stages.

In planning, the number of cameras required for surveillance is determined,

the points of their implantation,

the points of distribution of security personnel, and so on.

Alternative layout:

It is a complementary stage to the previous stage,

in which alternative plans are

developed to deal in emergency

situations or when there is any defect or problem that hinders the

continuation of the application of the basic plan.

Providing the facility with equipment and devices:

This stage is the first stage of implementation,

as the facility is provided with cameras, gates,

and the rest of the devices and equipment necessary for the insurance process,

in the places that were identified before that in the planning stage.

Assigning tasks to company security personnel:

After that,

the appropriate

insurance personnel are selected

for the following different tasks,

and the tasks are distributed to

them according to their capabilities and experience.

Technical Survey:

Technical survey is the process

of careful inspection of every corner of the facility to be secured,

looking at its interior designs,

knowing the heights of its external walls,

knowing all its entrances, exits and corridors. .

Potential risks, their classification and study:

The types of risks that the facility can be

exposed to vary according to

the field, its function and the nature of its visitors.

For example, financial institutions are likely to

be exposed to the risk of

burglary and therefore must be insured against

this risk in the first place.

For details, please register your details or call:

01100961100 – 01102077000

Company Headquarters:

119 Port Said Street, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo.

Our Location :

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