The most important specifications that must be met by security men

شركة امن ,The most important specifications that must be met by security men

The most important specifications that must be met by security men

Safety is invaluable and is one of the basic components of life.


the humanitarian necessity

called for the presence of security and guarding companies

that guarantee security and provide protection for individuals and facilities.

The most important specifications that must be met by security men


The security personnel is the most important element at all

in the security service

provided by a

private security and guard company in Egypt.
The security person is

responsible for producing the security plan in a perfect image and applying it in the required manner without causing any problems of any kind
Contrary to what is


the elements of an ideal security individual in guards and protection in Egypt
It is not only limited to physical specifications or security knowledge,

but there are many components such as skills to interact with the public.

Security Person Specifications
(security) The ideal Sina Egypt company for security and guarding:

There are many security and guarding companies in Cairo
With the increasing research on security companies,

Sina Egypt Company for Security and Guard appeared
The elements of the ideal security individual in private guards in Egypt differ according to several elements.

Age is a very differential factor in the speed of physical and mental response and the ability to carry out various tasks. The ideal age for a security person is between 20 and 45 years.

Previous security experiences:
It is very important for

the security personnel

to have the experience necessary to deal in different situations.

For example, it is preferable,

for example,

at some job levels or grades,

that the security personnel be from those who previously worked in the armed forces, the police,

or any other official security apparatus.

Physical features:
The ideal security person should have some special physical characteristics of height, fitness and physical strength to be able to carry out the tasks assigned to him with the required efficiency.

The ideal security individual should also have the required knowledge,

whether in the security,

technological or other aspects,

which helps him to perform his job with the required efficiency.

Social features:
The ideal security personnel should also be of the appropriate degree of social rehabilitation to be able to deal with the public correctly without causing unnecessary problems.

Why is Sina Egypt considered the best private security company in Egypt?

For all those looking for trustworthy

private security

companies in Egypt to

contract with,

Sina Egypt is an ideal choice in the field of security

and guarding, in order to

gather many factors

of distinction and

preference that made it one of the best private guards in Egypt and the Arab world, and among these factors:

Qualification of Personnel:
As the company is

presented by a security

individual among university

youth and those with intermediate qualifications
And retired officers

from the armed forces,

all of whom receive the best training from the use of various devices,

data extraction before starting in insurance and guarding.
Dealing with advanced security technologies to protect all companies and companies
Today, Sina Egypt offers all solutions and services for insurance and corporate security.

Fulfillment of legal safety requirements:
The company has all the necessary licenses and permits
By the responsible authorities to carry out all security activities legally
Just as security personnel are assigned to the company with official papers to ensure that the criminal record is clean.

Using the latest devices and equipment:
A private security company in Egypt uses the latest devices and equipment to secure sites and prepare individuals to ensure the highest possible level of protection and secure all tasks.

Providing technical survey service:
Upon agreement and before starting the provision of services
Security The comprehensive technical survey of the site to be secured is carried out by a group
From experts in this field to determine the distribution points of devices, personnel and safety for the facility to be secured.

Multiple services:
The company is keen to provide all insurance services,

starting with consultations
And through the design of security systems and plans,

and finally the implementation
Insurance operations for individuals and establishments.

The security background of the company’s administrative segment:
The company is managed

by a group of officers from

the security forces

of the armed forces and

specialists in the field of security and private guarding.

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