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the potential risks

the potential risks

Safety is invaluable and is one of the basic components of life. Therefore, the humanitarian necessity called for the presence of security and guarding companies that guarantee security and provide protection for individuals and facilities.

security man:

It is the basis of the work of the security companies. It is the main base of the work structure and also the interface for his company, which highlights the company’s performance and leadership in its field. It bears responsibility and duty towards each individual within the facility that he guards and gives a sense of security, tranquility and confidence that they are in a safe environment.

Learn about potential risks:

The types of risks that the facility may be exposed to vary according to its type, function and the nature of its visitors.

Planning: Planning is a complex process that depends on the aforementioned two stages and affects the following stages. In planning, the number of cameras required for surveillance is determined, the points of their planting and the points of distribution of security personnel, and so on.

Alternative Planning: It is a complementary stage to the previous stage, in which alternative plans are developed to deal in emergency situations or when there is any defect or problem that hinders the continuation of the application of the basic plan.

The elements that must be available in professional security and guard companies?

There are a set of basic elements that must be available in any professional insurance company, in order to be able to perform its role to the fullest, and if one of these elements is absent, this is considered a kind of shortcoming, defect or weakness in the service provided by this company, and the most important of these elements are:

Rehabilitation of individuals: It is a complex and multi-faceted process because the rehabilitation of individuals is not only limited to security rehabilitation, but there are also important aspects in the rehabilitation process, such as technical training on the use of advanced devices, community rehabilitation to train them in contact with the public, psychological rehabilitation to be able to act decisively and quickly in various situations, and so on.
Multiple services: There are many services that security and guarding companies can provide. There is insurance for individuals, there is facility insurance, there is event insurance, there is fire insurance, insurance against natural disasters, insurance against human risks, there is human insurance, electronic insurance, and so on.

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