Your safety is our safety

In light of the scientific development that the world is experiencing, public and private establishments have proliferated, the importance of which is increased by the services or products they provide,

And these facilities have become the target of sabotage by some individuals or groups whose actions aim to destroy the capabilities of peoples and seek to spread fear and undermine security and tranquility in society.

Security and guarding are one of the procedures followed to achieve security and provide protection from the dangers that may befall the person, place, or activity to be secured,

They differ in their rules, procedures and objectives according to the different activity, size, location and type.

The size and direction of the expected risk, and the different surrounding political, economic and social circumstances and variables.

Also, according to all this, the means, equipment and devices used in guarding differ, their number, size, and the degree of scientific technology used.

Guarding is one of the axes of security systems, and it alone – no matter how wide it is and how many means it – does not achieve effective security unless it is integrated with all the other security axes that ultimately constitute a capable, effective and effective security zone.

Therefore, the existence of security and guarding companies has become one of the important matters that we must take care of, as the safety and stability.

Mobile manual fire extinguishing equipment

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