About company

Sina Misr for Security and Guarding is an Egyptian joint stock company, established in 2001 and subject to the provisions of Law No. 86 of 2015. The company holds security license No. 122.

Our vision

Providing a first-class level of service in the field of security and guarding to satisfy our customers. We strive to be the leading company in the field of security and guarding by providing exceptional services that meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We are committed to applying the highest quality standards in all our services, starting with employing highly experienced and competent security personnel. To use the latest security technologies and tools


?Why Sinamisr

Training individuals

Comprehensive training at the level, so that they can use various devices and deal with advanced security technologies

 Low average age

20to 45 is the ideal average age in the security field

The security background of the company's administrative segment

The company is managed by a group of retired officers from the armed forces and specialists in this field

Use the latest devices and equipment

The company uses the latest devices and equipment to secure sites and equip individuals, in order to ensure the highest possible level of protection and security

Permanent technical support

The company has a technical support team to respond to all inquiries, questions and calls around the clock, 7 days a week

Providing technical survey service

Upon agreement and before starting to provide security services, a comprehensive technical survey of the site to be secured is carried out by a group of experts in this field, to determine the distribution points for devices and individuals.

Multiple services

The company is keen to provide all insurance services, starting with consulting, through designing security systems and plans, and ending with implementing insurance operations for individuals and establishments


Facilities insurance and guarding service 

It is considered the most comprehensive service among all other security services, as it includes
  • Insurance procedures to protect collectibles
  • Defensive measures against natural hazards and disasters
  • Procedures for establishing accurate and continuous monitoring systems
  • Procedures for dealing with emergency situations

Rapid intervention service

  • Deter potential threats
  • Neutralize any aggressive or criminal threat
  • Communicate with law enforcement authorities
  • Assist with security tasks as needed

Camera monitoring service

  • Provides remote monitoring
  • Report incidents or suspicious behavior
  • Capture suspicious events in real time
  • Watch live and recorded surveillance video footage

Sinamisr's quality system


Age from 20-45 / High physical fitness / Enjoy mental skills Selecting individuals according to scientific principles studied very carefully by specialized experts


Security of various facilities / evacuation plans / registration in various types of books, training at the hands of specialists in the security field, including officers of the armed forces and the police.

Supervision and control

Operations Department / Inspection and Traffic Department / Central operations room that is monitored and supervised 365 days a year

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